June check in: Running Stats

Days Ran: 10
Average Pace: 5:56
Longest Run: 22.6km
June Distance: 84.88km

Let’s check in with how my running (and of course stats) went down in June.

June started off with me sick as a dog.

I was aiming to run for that elusive 100km in a month goal. But alas, as you can see and it’s safe to assume that that never happened.

Maybe July? We can only wait and see. Fingers Crossed.

Getting sick, through my training plan out the window.  I needed time to recover but I also had to make sure that I got at least one long run in before SCTM.

I have to say that the Surf Coast Trail Marathon was the highlight of the month.

I ran the race, it was tough considering the conditions I was put in.

This photo of me was taken around the 10km mark, I have a sort of happy smile on my face. I say sort of as we were going up a hill, and that hill seemed never-ending.

The SCTM was also the furthest I have ever run at 22.6km. That sets a new record for me.

Anyway here are the ongoing stats:
Jan – 71.12
Feb – 94.94
Mar – 95.24
Apr – 68.52
May – 76.66
Jun – 84.88
Progressive Total – 491.34km
To go – 508.66

How did running go for you in June?
Did you run a race?
What’s the furthest you have run?

4 thoughts on “June check in: Running Stats”

    1. I plan to get some more trail running in too. As my salomons don’t have many km’s in them, and I need the hill training in my legs. Any excuse to go to The Grampians.

  1. I reckon you did very well with running considering how sick you’ve been!!! Well done!!

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