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On my recent trip to Melbourne for Tough Mudder, I decided to do a tad of running window shopping.

I was in the market for a new hydration pack/vest to replace my current pack which is just not practical for trail running.  It’s great for hiking though, but it chaffs on my neck, and trying to get my fuel is impractical.

Being the type of person I am, I like to do my research in advance.  I had a list of items I wanted to try and test, and the shops I wanted to visit.

My last stop for the morning was Running Fit.  This was the store where I was initially fitted for running shoes back in 2012.  The shoes I came away with on that particular day were the Asics Kayano 18’s.  They were great shoes, and I did love them, but after about 6 months the shape of my foot obviously changed and they no longer loved me (I ended up donating these shoes at the end of Tough Mudder).

While in Running Fit, I tried on Nathan’s Women hydration pack, a couple of running jackets, and of course trail shoes (which is what I was in the market for).

The guy who helped me (he, unfortunately, wasn’t wearing a name tag, but let’s just call him Orlando), was extremely helpful.  But what I got most out of my experience at Running Fit was a simple piece of advice that Orlando gave me while he was studying my gait on the treadmill.

I have known for a while that when I run, my leg kicks out.

No one has ever told me why it happens, or how to fix it. Until Orlando saw me run.  He then told me the reason why it happens.  My right hip is weak (knew that), and so my left hip overcompensates, which results in the kick out in my gait.

This Photo is of me running in April 2013

The best part of my day was when Orlando told me which exercises I can do to help strengthen my hips.

After trying on some more shoes and making notes, he gave me a post-it note of a website to look up The Gait Guys.

Needless to say, I was wrapped.

Besides a new running hat, I left the store with newfound knowledge, and I was super excited.

So thank you Orlando, you made this chick-a-dee one happy Mumma.

I have started to add new strength-specific hip moves to my workout and I hope to see marked improvements in the coming months.

I will keep you posted.

Have you ever had your gait analysed?
Do you have any injuries that have prevented you from performing at your best?
What shoes are you currently running in?

4 thoughts on “Hips, Gait & Running”

  1. MrsB @Mind over Matter

    Interesting. I notice this happening to a lot of runners – their foot and leg below the knee kicking to the side. It seems to be more of a female issue than a male issue. Might be then to do with the fact that our hips are different from those of men’s?

    1. Now that I know about it I see it everywhere. And yes I have noticed it more in women, over men, and I agree it’s because our hips are wider.
      “Orlando” did state we want to minimse hip movement, we ain’t catwalk models.
      That being said have seen a few men with the issue.
      At the end of the day it doesn’t effect my performance, I’m still able to go fast, but anything that improves your form will of course make you a better runner.

  2. Man I love smart people who can help fix things. 🙂 I’ve worked through knee issues and back quirks that pinch a nerve down to my feet, causing numbness in muscle spasms in my feet and calves. Seeing a physical therapist last year was the best decision ever.

    Never had my gait formally analyzed, though, and currently I’m running the Merrells. LOVE the zero drop minimal style.

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