A Runners Reflection

Last week I did a post about the training plan I have for nothing in particular. If you haven’t read it you can do so here.

It then occurred to me that not having anything to aim for has been a bit of a relief.

Don’t get me wrong having a race or an event is great motivation, but for the first time in a long time, I get to run for the pure enjoyment of it.


I don’t have to worry about speed, time or distance, or the stress of an upcoming race/event.

I’m not tied down with a plan, and I can run because I can, because I want to, but also because I enjoy running. Do you know how freeing that is?  Well, it is – freeing that is.

Running has taken me to many places this year, and I’ve achieved a lot with running since taking it up two years ago.

Many running goals I have set, I have smashed. I have new personal bests for 5km, 10km, and the half marathon, just this year alone.
I’ve also had ran 890km out of my 1000km, and we are only in October!

So even though I don’t have any races coming up for the rest of the year, I’m just going to go out and reconnect with the joy of running.

I will worry about 2014 when it gets here.

When was the last time you really enjoyed your run?
Have you set any goals for 2014 yet?

13 thoughts on “A Runners Reflection”

  1. Love this, sometimes I do take running for granted and don’t just run b/c I enjoy it. Good to put things back into perspective 🙂

  2. Chris Mavromatis

    Its really fantastic that you are enjoying running for running’s sake right now.

    I have to admit that there are times when I find that difficult… Having a goal right now (at the end of the year) makes it easy and I am already thinking about figuring one out for next year.
    I guess for me it just makes it easier to get up at 4:00am (like I just did 45 minutes ago) when I feel like there is a purpose beyond just running for fun.
    I still always do my best to enjoy my runs but having some end goal makes it easier to endure how tough the training can be… it would have been nice to sleep in this morning 🙂
    I think it’s awesome that you are just loving running for running’s sake!
    Who knows you might get in your best shape.


  3. I love to run! I think it is freeing and it inspires me to do other things. I feel that it also sets a good example for my children.
    As far as goals, well..I’ve just accomplished my first marathon (last weekend) and have the Disney princess 1/2 coming in Feb. I want to try and drop some weight and see how that affects my race. Not a lot…just enough to speed up 🙂


  4. Go you!

    I think in the end, this kind of mind set – running for the pure enjoyment- makes one a happier and stronger runner. A well balanced runner.

    It is something, I am still struggling to do because I tend to focus too much on scheduling my races perfectly so I can run as much races in a year, instead of simply enjoying the process (the training). There is a strong need to keep the running calendar full because races keep me running.

    But I have not given up on my quest of being a more balanced runner. 🙂

  5. I LOVe this post! I am also a runmum lol Although, I have only recently started to enjoy running. I have 2 5ks under my belt and I am training for a 10k. I LOVE to run now, even if it is not in a race, and I agree it takes me so many places! Visiting from the Running Bloggers Linkup

  6. Sometimes when you can run for fun, no stress just as you want it is the absolute best!!! I remember the last run I enjoyed Jan 28th earlier this year:) haha, yeah I have a bit to make up for:) My only goal right now for 2014 is to get back into marathon shape other than that I am pretty open right now:)

  7. I don’t mind running without a specific race in mind but I always have a plan. I have truly enjoyed running every run for the past 4 weeks. Being back to running after an injury has a way of doing that 🙂

    Yep! A few goals for 2014 already set!

  8. Now I feel like I need to plan for 2014! 🙂 I had an awesome run this past weekend, I felt good after 7 miles, a first for me!

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