Whole30 – Days 1 to 4

I figured it’s time I give you a recap of the first few days of my Whole30 experience. I might have only just finished day 4 (by the time you read this I will be tackling day 5), and yes it might still be early days, but so far things are going strong.

If I hadn’t done a slow removal of grains over the last 6 months, however, these first few days quite a possibility would be very different. This reminds me of the frog story. Never heard of it, you can read more about it here. But because I did choose to slowly remove the grains, I truly believe it has made the transition to Whole30 a lot easier. Don’t get me wrong I have still had an interesting few days.

One thing about Whole30 is that you are only eating 3 meals a day, which can be challenging.  I mean I love a snack.  But a snack should be a snack, not a meal. That just means my meals are a lot bigger, and a lot more calorie and nutrient dense.

Breakfast seems to be the hardest meal for me to create (yes even on day 4).  You see I like cereal.  I like porridge, I like crunchiness drowned in milk.  But I can’t have any of that.  That also includes some of my fav Carrie Brown recipes as they contain whey protein which you are unable to have during Whole30 as whey is from milk, and milk and all other dairy products are out.

Oh, dairy or should I say more specifically cheese, how I will enjoy having you back into my life come September.

So getting back to the breakfast thing. Since I can’t have cereal, what do I have?  Well, I’ve had an omelet, but I prefer having that for lunch. The omelet I did create for breakfast (Friday) was ok, but it didn’t really hit the spot I was looking for.
So I took Carrie’s Almond Pear Porridge recipe and Whole30ified it. How? Well for some reason I was thinking of ice cream (not actually craving it though), and then I thought about banana ice cream. Then I realised, ‘wait a minute, I can make icecream from just a banana.  And that is how I whole30ified / paleofied Carrie’s Almond Pear Porridge recipe. Instead of whey, I mashed up a banana until it was creamy, and BINGO, it created the texture and consistency I wanted and needed to achieve for my Almond Pear Porridge.  Win!

Yes I know, I know I’m not ‘suppose’ to replicate ‘meals/food in whole30, but I experiment, and isn’t that part of the experience? Well, I think so at least. Plus I have seen plenty of ‘Paleo’ porridge recipes from some of the recipes I have collected, so how is that any different?

Most of my meals have been the same as what I normally have, but modified to be Paleo. So instead of cottage cheese in my omelet, I add more eggs. Instead of milk, coconut milk.

Gotta take it one day at a time.  The week isn’t over yet, but I’m going well so far. The only downfall is I find myself more thirsty, but I guess I expected that in some way.

I’ll keep you posted on how things go in the next few days, so watch this space.

6 thoughts on “Whole30 – Days 1 to 4”

  1. Wow, I do not think I could sustain this plan for an entire month. Giving up beans and yogurt would be a big struggle. Looking forward to hearing how you feel after a few weeks. Best of luck!

    1. I don’t eat a whole heap of beans, so beans aren’t a problem. Giving up dairy was easier than I thought, but then again I’m only on day 5.

  2. I’m giving you major props for doing the Whole30 challenge. I am NOT creative when it comes to my food so good for you finding replacements for the things you love on the fly!

    1. Thanks, also trialling some new recipes, which can be bad thing or a good thing. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the kids will like them. But I’ll keep you posted on how that goes anyway.

    1. Really legumes, so I’m not fussed with them, I don’t actually eat much of them at all. Properly only a handful of times a year. I’m actually not missing dairy as much as I thought, but still early days.

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