Mongoose Crossway is Lucy

This is Lucy.  She is my new bike (Mongoose Crossway 300).

I’ve been saving up for Lucy for about a year.  I had a 2nd hand bike prior to that.  It was ok, but nothing like Lucy.

Lucy is a hybrid.  She’s designed as a commuter bike.  I was tossing and turning as to what to get, between her and the mountain bike.  Then I thought about it, and I realised that I would not be mountain biking any times soon.  Not while the kids are so little.  When they are older yes, so in the mean time, this commuter bike does the trick.

She’s worth every penny I spent on her.

You can also see the bike trailer that I got last year as well.  The trailer I bought on ebay.  It also has the option of being a stroller as well (has a front wheel you can attach).

So Lucy is apart of the family, cause we all love going for bike rides, and although I’m only going at the speed that my kids can go, we still have a great time.

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