Goals: What Next?

Just because I have achieved my goal of a half marathon doesn’t mean I’m done. I seem to have a lot of fitness goals. They are:

Fitness Goals

1. Run a sub 25min 5km
2. Run a sub 54min 10km
3. Run a half marathon in under 2 hours
4. Do 5 pull-ups
5. Complete a tough mudder

So where to from here?

Well, I can not do 1 chin-up, let alone a pull-up.

This is where P90X comes in. It is my in-between program until October when I plan on starting Insanity the Asylum.

So far I have been using a combination of weights and bands.  I’m actually stronger than I think because I have to go up in a band colour, so yay me!

The only thing about P90X is that I’m not really fussed with the cardio portion, so I’m doing it as a hybrid with running (cause I love it too much now to give it up), and TurboFire (cause how I love getting my fiyah on!)

I’m doing p90x now instead of going straight into insanity the asylum because I know I don’t have the strength yet. Yes, Insanity made me stronger, but I feel I can do more. And they do say that strength training is important, and I totally agree with it.

Especially since I have signed up for tough mudder in January, I need to be at my peak fitness-wise.  That and I want to have a bikini body… yes vanity goal.

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