Speedwork Sessions: The Burt

The 400m distance, or quarter mile will be a distance that you will either love or hate.

But what if I told you that running the 400m could actually be a more effective way to improve your speed and endurance?

I don’t remember the last time I did a 400m specific running workout, so I decided that that was going to be on the cards.

Arriving at the track, I’ll be honest and was not feeling the love (a few days later I would be hit with a cold, hence the no love). Ten 400m repeats seemed like a lot, and I wasn’t sure what I would be capable of.

It’s easy to think that the 400m is an all-out sprint, and that can undo a lot of runners.

Instead, think about the 400m as settling into your pace and then maintaining that.

With that, let me introduce you to Burt.

Burt is about consistency, showing up and remembering good form.

Personally, I like to throw in some strides after the warm-up, to activate those fast-twitching fibres, and to get myself ready for the 400s

In my recoveries, I allow myself to walk the first 30 seconds, to bring my heart rate down back into the green, then a slow easy jog for the rest.

Allow yourself anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour for this workout.

Happy running!

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