Speedwork Sessions: Mabel

There is something about racing the 10km distance that I just don’t like.

Running 10k in training is not a problem, but racing it. Argh, yeah, just all kinds of awful.

Sure the 5km, is hard, but it’s over and done within 30 minutes or less.

If I had to choose a race, it wouldn’t be the 10km distance.

We all have a distance that is our nemesis. Mine is the 10k.

So how do you train to get faster for the 10k while keeping sane?

Introducing Mabel, the speedwork session where we tackle the 10k pace in smaller chunks.

Mabel will take you 1 hour, and you will cover anywhere from 8-10km depending on your pace.

Still new to running, don’t know what your 10km pace is? Apps, like McRun or V.02 can help you determine the best pace for you based on your fitness level.

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