Speedwork Sessions: Odessa

When you first start out running, you may have started with a program like Couch to 5km.

These types of programs are great tools to help you run the distance. Once you get to your distance goal it’s easy to forget the sessions that helped you to get there.

If I’m coming off being injured or being unwell, my go-to workouts are like that of a beginner. A short burst of running with walking recoveries. Where I don’t have to worry about pace, and I can keep things at an easy effort.

On my last day of RED100, I was suffering from a cold, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to run a solid 45 minutes. However, I knew I had enough in me if I did run/walk intervals.

Introducing Odessa, the perfect workout if you are coming off from being sick or injured. It’s a short 34-minute workout that will get the heart pumping but with enough recovery that you won’t burn out.

You can either choose to walk or make your warm-up an easy run. The same as your cooldown. You’ll know what your body is capable of.

Need more spice? Then run your “run” sections at a faster pace. Or make your walk breaks an easy jog.

The goal with Odessa is to keep things simple but to keep up your stamina and endurance.

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