Would you Rather Revist #4

It’s time to revisit another Would You Rather. Would you rather #4 was released all the way back in December 2013! Let’s find out how much things have changed in 10 years.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

Would you rather Bike 100 Miles or Run Miles?

Biking would be faster. However, bike seats are seriously uncomfortable.

Running 100 miles would be hard work, I know it would be doable. If I were to do it, I’d do an event that has amazing scenery and a generous cut-off or is multi-stage, where you have to complete a set distance one day, stay overnight and start the next stage the next day.

Wear TOO many clothes and then have to carry them because it’s too hot or wear TOO little clothes and endure a little coldness?

There is nothing worse than being too hot when out running.

This is why I love running in Autumn, it’s the perfect temperature. A fresh breeze cools you down when you warm up. Sure you start off cold, but you quickly warm up.

However, when it comes to trail running, having the extra layers are so important. The weather can change in an instant in the mountains. Which is why it’s so important that you have the correct gear.

Therefore my answer hasn’t changed on this one. If it’s not raining, then suffering from the cold. But if it is raining, then being warm and dry.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Would you rather run without your GPS or without your Music?

GPS watches have become a lot smarter in the last 10 years. With the higher-end GPS watches you can load maps, and routes some even have the capacity for music.

If I were to get lost, I could use my watch to guide me back to safety. You can’t do that with music.

While music is entertaining and can push you through tough moments, you do become disassociated with your surroundings. You miss out on too much, like the sqwark of a yellow-belly black cockatoo, or the coos of black and white choughs.

Would you rather run socially or run competitively?

Social running only works if you are with a group of people you enjoy being with.

I’ve participated in social runs, and it has felt anything but social.

My competitive days however are over. I run because I love to. This means when I enter a race, I do so for the love of running.

Would you rather start a race in the front or in the back?

when it comes to running ultras, start at the back of the pack. This forces you to slow down and to conserve energy. You will eventually pass all the runners that have burnt themselves out by going too hard at the start.

Would you rather run a race to raise money for a charity or run a race just because?

My mindset has changed when it comes to racing.

In the past, it would be about getting faster and chasing personal bests.

Now it’s about locations having fun and just absorbing the atmosphere and the people.

Would you rather have an awful race experience and PR or have the time of your life and NOT PR?

In every race you enter you are going to have some type of experience whether good or bad.

Runs are so much more than personal records. I’d rather have a memorable race than a personal record any day.

Would you rather run on the right side of the road or race on the left?

This question is dumb, I’m going to run on the side of the road that I’m safest on. That means running against traffic. In Australia that means running on the Right side of the road, in America (if I ever went back there), it would be left.

Would you rather shower and take a nap after a long run/race or shower and be productive?

Taking a shower is a priority, but I’d much rather be productive.

I’d only take a nap if I really needed to. But a leisurely stroll with the family is quality time with the family and better for my recovery.

Run with your significant other or your friends?

There are certain running friends that I would hands down I would run with if I ever had the opportunity, but we live in different states. One day I will get to run with all of them.

Tom is not a runner, but he is a hiker, and I do miss going on hikes with him and the kids. Hiking has been put on the back burner because of the house, but we will get out there once we have moved in.

Which would you rather?

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