Six Life Management Hacks

Back in 2018, I wrote a blog post about Time Management Life Hacks. I still stand by these hacks.

In five years, there are many other hacks or habits that I now do that set me up. And the future me always thanks me.

These are my six life management hacks that help me to stay organised and keep on track.

Meal Plan

There is nothing worst than coming home and having no idea what to cook for dinner.

We all have dietary requirements, so we stick to the same meals on a regular rotation. We do add new recipes now and then for variety.

Meal planning not only helps keep the household in order, but it means we don’t waste food and stick to our food budget.

I plan my meals on Sunday and add to the shopping list the extra things we will need for the week.

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Planning Hour/Day

Sunday-Thursday night after dinner, I pack my gym bag with the gear I will need for the workout I have planned after work.

Some days it’s just gym gear, other days it’s running gear, and then there are days where I do both. Once packed, I place my bag on the chair beside the front door.

Then I will prepare my meal box. I’ll pack my breakfast, lunch and snacks, and place them in the fridge ready to go into the morning.

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I will then proceed to leave my handbag with my headphones and car keys on the corner of the table ready too when I wake up the next morning.

If I didn’t set my day up like this I’d have to wake up an hour earlier (4:30 am). Since sleep is important to me, I set my day up by doing these tasks the night prior.

I do the same thing with my workouts, but I only need to do this once a month. On the first of every month, I will input all my workouts into my watch. This means they are ready to go. Sure plans can change, so I adjust my workouts around via the app and it will update my watch accordingly.

Use a Calendar

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Whether it’s via an app or notebook, keeping that information in your head is insufficient. Trust me, you will forget, or remember when there is nothing you can do about it.

Personally, I’m a big fan of Google Calander and the Reminders App on the iPhone.

Habit Stacking

Pioneered by James Clear in his book Atomic Habits. Habit stacking in essence is combining a current habit with the one you want to start.

For example, when I finish my workout, I will then spend 10 minutes doing mobility stretches or yoga. There are times when I really do not want to do this. But 80-year-old me will thank 40-year-old me for taking the time to do this one simple task.

If I come back from a run and immediately jump into the shower, the likelihood of me doing these stretches falls dramatically, and I end up not doing it.

I apply the same principal with any bills that I get via email. As soon as I see the bill email, I will log into my bank app, and schedule the payment for the date. This way the bill gets paid and doesn’t get lost in a see of emails.

Don’t Break the Chain

This technique while not for everyone, focuses on the process rather than the result.

The idea behind the chain method is that when you mark off the days that you have done your task/habit/goal it gives you the motivation to keep the streak going.

For a lot of people, if they break the chain they find it hard to get back into the routine.

Habit List App

Using the Habit List App, allows me to set goals chains that are daily, weekly, and monthly.

This is how for the last 700+ days I have not broken the chain for movement and mobility.

For certain daily goals like movement or reading, I set a minimum rule. Usually 10 minutes. Everyone has ten minutes in their day. Most of the time, you will end up doing more, but it’s all about the art of showing up.

Have a life hack you want to share? Let me know in the comments.

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