Run Faster with Hills

As a runner, I’m always looking at ways to improve my speed.

Speed comes in many different forms, the three main beings:

  • Intervals
  • Hills
  • Fartlek

In this new Run Faster series, I will give you tips and tricks to introduce speed into your running workouts without being too scary or overwhelming.

Do you see Peyton climbing that hill?

Peyton used to hate Hills. Most runners I know hate hills or any kind of elevation. Why? Because it puts them out of their comfort zone.

The thing is, hills are not the enemy.

Hills don’t move, they don’t change, they stay the same.

It is the runner who must change to conquer the hill.

It’s just a hill, get over it.

If you want to improve not only your strength and speed, then you must run hills.

Running up hills builds strength and power in your legs.

Running downhill teaches you confidence, strength and technique.

While a weight lifter will add weight to their bar to make their lifts more powerful and to get stronger, runners do the same by using a hill.

Start adding hill repeats into your weekly running schedule and you still notice you will get better on the flats,

Hill Repeats

Pick your hill.

Based on your hill you will run up it for either time or distance.

Use your downhill recoveries to focus on form and breathing.

Hills for 5K

6-10 x 30-second hill repeats, with downhill jogging recoveries.

Hills for 10k to Half Marathon

3-10 x 500m hill repeats with downhill jogging recoveries.

Hills for HM to Marathon

3-5 x Mile Hill Repeats with downhill jogging recoveries.

Aim to get faster on each repeat.

Next week it’s about fartleks!

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