Speedwork Sessions #26 Three by Three’s

We have all heard of the saying that good things come in three (but then again so do the bad things right?).

Regardless of where the saying comes from this week’s workout is all about 3’s.

This workout will be utilising pacing zones.  You’ll need to work out your pacing zones to determine which pace target you’ll need to be in for each zone.

To find out your heart rate/speed training zones try these websites;

3 by 3’s

The Warm-up

  • 10mins / 1.6km Easy Run
  • 3 x 100m strides with 100m recovery

The Workout

  • 1km Easy
  • 1km Tempo
  • 1km Fast

Repeat x 3

The Cooldown

  • 10mins / 1.6km Easy Run

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