Speedwork Sessions #25 Get Over It

Hills. Every runner loves to hate them.

Hills, however, aren’t all that bad.  As the saying goes.  Hills are speedwork in disguise.

This week’s speedwork session is about embracing those hilly climbs.

The magic of the hills is keeping pace with elevation.  This combination alone helps you make you a stronger runner.  That way when you do encounter a hill during an event you can tackle it head-on.  I mean it is just a hill, get over it!

Get Over It!

The Warm-up

  • 10mins / 1.6km Easy Run

The Workout

  • 30 seconds Hill Repeats
  • 45 seconds return walking recovery

Repeat x 12

The Cooldown

  • 10mins / 1.6km Easy Run

This session is short and sharp and will take approx 30 minutes and you’ll cover 4-5km.

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