Motivation: 18 for 18 – True

It is true, my daughter will be 12 in December. She’s in her last year of primary school and growing up way too fast.

She is at that age where learning about personal boundaries, honesty & integrity, self-respect, and self-acceptance.

What she learns now will set her up for her high school years and the rest of her life.

High School is hard enough, but I’m trying to teach her to stick up for her own values, and not to be bowed down by peer pressure.

Get it wrong and things will be hard.  I don’t want her to feel isolated, or feel like she can’t be herself or come to me for help.

While she will be faced with challenges, with the right attitude and approach she will be able to learn and grow from the life experiences she will face and become the best version of herself.

The best way to help her is to lead by example.

What does staying true mean to me?

It means being;

  • independent
  • self-confident
  • happy

Above all, if I can be an independent self-confident and happy being, then she will gravitate to be the best version of herself.

What does “Stay true to you” mean to you?

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