High Five Friday #57

Winter has come with a bang this June.

We have already had some ripper thunderstorms, which some much welcome rain.  That I definitely give a high five too.

Dams are starting to fill up, and things are starting to look green and healthy again.

June Hero Image

Barri yalug

This view awaits you from our Geocache GC6DQ3M.  Yeah, we think it’s pretty spectacular too.

If you have never been geocaching before, it’s loads of fun.  It’s essentially a treasure hunt but with a GPS.  You can download the app to your device and use the GPS function on that.

There are loads of ‘free’ caches, but if you want a caching experience, then upgrade to premium.

We don’t get to cache as often as we would like, but when we do, we thoroughly enjoy it.

Where’s it At is a monthly themed post that I have now combined with High Five Friday.  It’s a collection of random words, that best describe the ins and outs of that month.

5 Random Words

.1. Tendency 

I had put the Four Tendencies on hold with my library ages ago.  In fact, I totally forgot about it until I got a text message stating I had a book to collect from my library.

Having done the quiz, and listened to the podcast I knew I was an obliger.

Reading the book, however, has given me insight.  Especially for the Questioner, which is 100%, my daughter. Now I know how to approach her when she asks a bazillion questions.

.2. Birthday

It only happens once a year, and my birthday is in June.

It was a quiet affair, and that’s ok with me.

.3. Entered

Discovered a new event, thanks to someone sharing on one of my trail-running Facebook groups.

I’ve entered to do the Goldfields Run in Bendigo in November.

Having never run in or around the Bendigo area, I thought why not.

.4. Sick

Winter means someone is bound to get sick, and well now it’s my turn.

It started off as a scratchy throat.  Then it turned to an earache, which for me always referred to pain from my throat.

Then I woke up, and I just simply couldn’t.  A day of bed rest was needed.

.5. Annoyed

I finally finished my poncho, only to discover it was a bit too small.

So yes, I’m annoyed.  Kayla gets a new poncho.  Me, well I’ve decided I’m going to make a shrug instead.

5 Things I Love

.1. Thermals

A must for winter.

My go-to thermal items are my Merino singlets, and my fleeced-lined leggings/tights.

While Merino can be expensive, they are a great investment.

If Merino is not your thing, then your other natural thermal option is bamboo.  While I don’t own anything bamboo, I have been told they take a lot longer to dry.

The other alternative is polypropylene. Steer away from cotton, as that won’t keep you warm if you get wet.

.2. Wool socks

I’m one of those people that suffer from cold feet.  If my feet are cold then usually the rest of me is cold.

Yes, that does mean I wear socks to bed.  I can not fall asleep if I have cold feet.

I use to put up with cold feet, that was until I was gifted wool socks.  These have been a godsend.

I own several pairs of Creswick wool socks, and they are a godsend. Well worth the price tag in my opinion.

.3. Good on you App

I only discovered this recently, and I’m in love.

If you want to be into slow fashion (ethical), rather than fast fashion (non-ethical), then this Good On You app is for you.

Simply type in the brand and it will tell you on a scale system where they stand.

From not good, to getting there, to great.  It will help you to make better ethical choices about the items you buy.

.4. Green Tea

There are lots of health benefits to drinking green tea.  I, however, can not stand the tea bag stuff from the supermarket.

My favourite green tea is called “Cool Mint” from Something’s Brewing. It’s one of those tea’s that if it goes cold, it doesn’t go bitter, so it’s a great tea for any time of the year. I buy this stuff in bulk because I go through so much of it.

.5. Headlamp

I invested in a high-lumen headlamp earlier this year.

With more runs happening before sunrise and after sunset, I wanted something that would like up my surroundings.

There is no denying that my Len Lenser H8R does that.  It’s rechargeable too, and I only need to recharge it every 4-6 weeks depending on use.

I use the 600 lumens when I’m in the bush, but if I’m running on the roads (no street lamps), then the 250 lumens suffices.

What 5 things do you love this winter?
What are your 5 random words that describe your ins & outs?

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