Ultimate Running Date #47

May I ask you to come running with me?

Yep, that’s right it’s that time again for our monthly running date.

Strap on those shoes and let’s catch up.

April was a big month when it came to events.

A change in the SAAC running calendar meant that we could attend our running club event before the big bang of Canberra.

With Canberra just a week away, I went into this run with the mindset of don’t go too hard, and don’t do stupid.

Running a conservative race, I was shocked to discover that I won the handicap event.  I wasn’t trying, so it was a pleasant surprise.  It meant that all the training for Canberra was paying off.

The full race report can be found here.

As for the kids, well they didn’t come away with any places, but they gave it a go, and that’s the may thing.

April Running Statistics

Distance – 147 km
Total Hours – 14
Longest Distance 
– 21.1 km
Number of Activities 
– 20
Personal Bests – 1km, 1mile & Half Marathon

Overall Running Statistics

Total Moving Distance – 766 km
Monthly Average – 191.5 km
2018 Prediction – 2,298 km

Kilometer wise April was not as big as March. 100km less in fact.

But, April saw me smash out 3 personal bests!

21.1 – 1h43m26s
1 km – 3:38
1 Mi – 6:19

The 1km and 1mi personal bests were achieved in the same workout “Magic Mile”.

I did this workout back in January and to be honest, I was disappointed in my time, but it meant it was something that I could improve on.

Improve I did. I will share this workout soon.

May will bring cooler weather, hopefully, some rain and a new game plan.

There haven’t been any decisions on what race I will enter next.  Right now I’m just content to go with the flow.

Next week I start a new training plan for the 10km distance.

The obliger in me likes the structure and the accountability of an outside source (Operation Move).

So until next time, run on!

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