Ultimate Running Date #46

Last month I told you about my new headlamp the Led Lenser H8R.

Let me just say that I am in love.  I will do a proper review of it after the Canberra Running Festival.

March was my peak training month, and there were runs where I thought “You want me to do that?”.

Yes, I doubted myself.  However, I also surprised myself.  I rose up to the challenge, but I won’t find out until next week to see if it was all worth it.

March Running Statistics

Distance – 246 km
Total Hours – 27
Longest Distance 
– 24 km
Number of Activities 
– 20

Overall Running Statistics

Total Moving Distance – 619 km
Monthly Average – 206.33 km
2018 Prediction – 2,476 km

I knew I ran a lot in March, but 246!

That’s a new monthly kilometre personal best.

The goal is a new Road Half Marathon personal best.  1:45 you are mine, I can taste it.

March also saw me test out some new fueling options.

When running trails I really like fueling with tailwind.  I’ve chosen not to use tailwind while training for my upcoming road event, instead, I’m fueling myself with SIS Nutrition and Huck Energy Gels.

The SIS gels are designed so you don’t need to take them with water.  They come in a variety of flavours.  I thought I would hate grapefruit.  Instead, I hated Blackberry, the one I thought I would actually like.  Orange tastes like Fanta.  I will be using oranges or apples in Canberra next week.

Huck Gels are an Australian company, and it’s nice to support a local business.  I find them a little thicker, but they still work a treat. Totally love the green apple flavour.

Huck contacted me after I posted on Instagram and informed me they have a product called lightning gels.  Apparently similar to the SIS gels.  A thinner consistency and no water are required.  I will keep this in mind next time I place an order.

So that’s it for March.

I hope your running was as epic as mine was.

Are you running the Canberra (Australia) Running Festival?
What’s your current half marathon pb?

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