Ultimate Running Date #45

You’ll need a headlamp these days if you want to come running with me.

To fit in my runs, I’ve been waking up at 5:20 to get my sessions in before heading off to work (8 am starts).

While I love my petzel, it’s more suited to urban areas.  Which is why I have invested in another headlamp.

I chose, after much deliberation to invest in the Led Lenser H8R Rechargeable Headlamp. I purchased it from WildEarth.

I’ll keep you posted on my thoughts on the headlamp once it arrives and I have tested it out.

So how has your running been going for February? With Summer officially over race season is about to begin, so that means some more serious training is to be had.

February Running Statistics

Distance – 217 km
Total Hours – 23
Longest Distance 
– 17.6 km
Number of Activities 
– 24

Overall Running Statistics

Total Moving Distance – 373km
Monthly Average – 186.5km
2018 Prediction – 2,238km

Er, is that right? Over 2,000km for the year?! Far out, even I’m a little shocked by that.

I knew February was a big month. I didn’t realise THAT big.

See, I’ve started a new training plan by Operation Move.  When I saw it I was dubious.  It looked hard, and to be honest, it scared me.

Then, I gave it some thought.  If I really want to get my goal of a sub 1h45m half marathon, then I need to work hard.  I need to get out of my comfort zone and push myself.

The decision was made, I would try the program in February.  If I hated it, I would go back to my old program (a lower mileage), if I could commit to it for Feb, then I would continue one.

While it has been challenging (so many early wakes up), I have noticed a massive improvement.

My easy long runs are getting faster, and easy. My recovery is quicker.  The 10 minutes of mobility I do every day, however, has something to do with that too.

I’ve definitely learned a lot more about myself and what I’m capable of.

March will be another month of intense training.  With family visiting from overseas, it’s sure going to be busy.

Are you training for any Autumn/Winter Events?

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