2018 Intention Word: Build

A new year means New years resolutions or goals. But instead of focusing on resolutions or goals as such, stop for a moment and reflect on your intention.

Your intention will help you drive those resolutions and goals.

When we stop and ask ourselves what we want out of the year, it helps to lead the light on all goals you set.

In the past, I had the following as my words

  • Family
  • Mindful
  • Will

2018 is no different.

One Word Intention

Why build?

Well for a lot of reasons.

  • House (yes it’s FINALLY happening)
  • Better body, with weights and nutrition
  • Better mindset
  • Personal best in the half marathon distance
  • Build my blog

And so much more.  I will keep you updated on how build words for me.

So check in with me and see how it’s going for me.

What’s your one-word Intention for 2018?

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