Project 52 – Week 23

Kayla was off at a sleepover so it was just Miles who ran at the run club.

I wasn’t feeling fast at all.  When I saw my handicap I scoffed at it “Yeah like I will have a chance at that”.

For a warm-up, I ran slow behind Miles in the sub-junior race.

Now that was entertainment.

Week 23 – Miles Running

Miles skipped, pranced, leapt and ran that first half.  He was having a grand old time.

Then he said to me;

Mummy why does everyone go fast at the start, don’t they know they have to wait until the end.

I’ve told the kids to start slow and build up to a fast end.

That is exactly what Miles did.

At the turnaround point, he bolted and ran his little heart out.

It was no surprise that he came first when handicaps were applied.

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