High Five Friday #35

It’s FriYay!

Virtual High Five!

To be honest, I feel like all I have been doing is working, and not much else.

Let’s go straight to it then.

Five Pictures

  1. While cleaning up, I discovered this picture that Miles brought home.
    From what I am told, he drew this on his first day back to school.
    He admitted that he was so excited that he accidentally drew three arms.
    I love it and plan on framing this one.
  2. Few of the Grampians from a geocache find.
  3. Sunset run.  Don’t you just love the golden light?
  4. We have been having some beautiful cloud formations lately.
  5. Kayla’s class tried out lawn bowls, the kids had a ball.

Five Links

  1. How to do a pull-up: Progression
    A pull-up without a doubt would have to be on the list of anyone who wants to get fit.  It’s been on my list for years (do be able to do consecutive ones, not just one).
    Steve from Nerd Fitness will teach you different ways to progress on your pull-up.
  2. Patients living their final wish
    Kind of like make a wish, but not.  See the power of a final wish come true.
  3. 5 Yoga poses to ease lower back pain
    Sphinx & cat/dog pose are my go-to poses when I get pain in my lower back.
  4. 6 Essential Hip & Glute Exercises for runners
    I’ve been incorporating these exercises into my strength days, and let me tell you, they do make a difference. I can tell I’m getting stronger.
  5. Same Track 2 Results
    Can you believe that this post is now 3 years old?
    Wow, a lot has changed since then.

What do you give a High Five to this Friday?

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