Race Recap: Bellarine Sunset Run

Event: Flying Brick Cider Co Sunset Run
Date: 13th February 2016
Distance: 21km or 10km
Type: There & Back (21km), or Point to Point (10km)
Where: Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria.
Event Partners/Sponsors: Flying Brick Cider Co, Saucony, Tailwind, TOURdeTrails, Brewsters Running, Surf Junction

My first official race for the year was the Bellarine Sunset Run.

I first discovered this run when I was picking up my race kit for Afterglow.

It was a new event for the 2016 running calendar, with two distance options 21km or 10km.

Having been wanting a PB in both distances I kept this race in the back of my mind. I needed some time to decide.

I ended up settling on the 10km distance.

Bellarine Sunset Run

With Afterglow then Spartan Geelong, a week later, I was spent.

The thought of running long distances over the summer period put me off. While the 10km distance seemed more doable to achieve a PB in.

The majority of people are morning runners. Me being one of them.

A high percentage of races are set in the morning.

So when you create a new event, how to make it different to every other race out there?

Well, a sunset race is a surefire bet to get people interested.

Running along the Bellarine beaches is another way to make it more appealing.

Run Bellarine

Having my parents live only an hours drive from the Bellarine Peninsula was also another win in my book.

Just before Christmas, I signed myself and my mum up for the 10km distance.

I was aiming for a new PB on this run (sub 47mins), but when event day rolled around, I just didn’t feel right, and I clearly knew I was dreaming.

It all started with a mild case of heat stroke from helping out at Kayla’s swimming sports the day before.

Having to work the 5-10 pm shift also didn’t help.  Less sleep, yeah not going to help anyone.

Then there was the drive Saturday morning to my parent’s house. Sure I rested up, but I honestly wasn’t feeling it.

Upon arriving at the event village, I proceeded to collect my bib. Of course, I was 1 of 5 who’s bibs that went missing (yep my mum was also one of the missing bibs).  So no name on my bib.

I then realised I left my wallet in the car with my change for the bus trip donation (to get to the start line).

At least I had my phone on me, except for the fact that I was in a reception black hole and had no service!

A lovely runner gave me $1, so I could at least donate something.  Thank you! I shall pay it forward don’t you worry.

Flying Brick Cider Co Run

On the bus ride, we got to see where we would be running. It was just stunning, but also seemed really really far.

At the start line, I got chatting with another RMA Rebecca.  She had travelled from the other side of the bay, and this was her first event for the year too.

The RMA community and spirit were strong in this race.

With the 10km not starting until 6:20 pm, we got to witness the lead runners of the 21km come through the checkpoint.

The outright male was flying, arriving at 6:10 pm.  I guessed he would finish in 70mins (I was close, he finished in 75mins).

So while I wanted to get a sub 47min time, I adjusted my expectations and decided I would be happy with a sub 50, or anything under 60 mins.

I felt strong when we were leaving the starting shoot, but by 2km in, I knew I was going way too fast.  I slowed down, but by the 5km mark, it all unravelled.  We were now no longer in the shade and in full sun.

Bellarine Beach Run

It was hot.

I knew for sure the dream of sub 47 was well and truly gone.  My legs were heavy and just didn’t want to go any faster.  I didn’t bother looking at my watch.  I didn’t need it to tell me what I already knew.

So I made sure I made the most of it, just be in the moment, and experience it.

Many high fives were given out to the many RMA’ers that were doing the half marathon, as well as to the many kids cheering us on, and offered their hands

Whether it was a nod or an actual verbal, I gave thanks to those who cheered me on.

There were moments when I counted my steps and breaths when I needed to concentrate on anything but how horribly slow my legs felt like they were going.

We ran past 2 caravan parks, and many of the residents were out cheering us on.  A few even had the hoses out and asked permission to spray us.  Oh, the cool water was so refreshing.

A gave a big congratulations to the couple who got married and were having their photo’s taken, and our runners were essentially photo-bombing their moment.

RunMum Bellarine

So while hot, it was a great event.  A huge turnout.  Not bad considering it was their first event.  It sold out! Very rare for a race to sell out prior to race day. 
The course was a little longer than 10km (closer to 11), but considering the circumstances, I’ll take my 54:18 time.

While I didn’t run side by side with mum, she finished in a respectable time of 1h8m14s.  Go, mum! She’s a rockstar, no doubt about that.

RMA Bellarine

Will be back again next year, but with the kids, they will love the beaches.

Top: Mum Runner RMA top
Shorts: Nike
Belt: UltrAspire Quantum
Fuel: Water

6 thoughts on “Race Recap: Bellarine Sunset Run”

  1. What a great photo of you and your mum, and I dare say Tom took the photos, they are fantastic! The only running photos of me my brother took at the finish line and everything except me was focussed on! ha. I say I was running so fast I was blurry. I loved the run, it was hot, woah it was hot. Loved the pirates, loved everything about it. It was so much fun. But then I do a lot of afternoon running after work so maybe that held me in good stead. Not my finest run but I sure did enjoy it.

    1. Loved the pirate theme, and loved all those that embraced the theme at the aid stations.
      Will do the 10km again next year. Hopefully it wont be so hot.
      If they have a survey, I will suggest starting an hour later, that way you really are getting a sunset.

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