The Ultimate Coffee Date #17

I normally do these on the first Saturday of the month.  Which would mean the 7th.  But I’ve decided to post it a little earlier instead.

Now a friend of mine on Facebook had to mention the other day that it was only 8 more Fridays until Christmas. I so did not want to know that. We just got over Halloween.

So go grab a drink hot or cold, sit down and relax and let’s catch up for our ultimate (monthly) coffee date.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you: that with the weather warming up I’m digging my smoothies, especially after my long run.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you: that I’ve changed my long runs to afternoon runs in preparation for the Afterglow trail run, which is at the end of this month.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you: that I have covered a total of 137km / 85 mi for October.  That’s a total of 1346km (including hikes) I have covered for the year. Will totally smash my 1500 goal for the year that’s for sure.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you: that I’m now a 4x Tough Mudder.  This Tough Mudder was the most challenging, but the most enjoyable.


If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you: that I’m considering doing another whole30. I just can’t decide when.

If we were sitting down for coffee what would you like to tell me?

4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Coffee Date #17”

    1. Yesterday I walked into work and saw a Christmas tree. My immediate reaction was “no, no, no no and no”.
      I think I will kick start my whole30 in the new year. I’m pretty much primal right now, but gluten still sneaks in.

  1. When I read 8 weeks til Christmas I shook my head and looked at the calendar just to be sure, I was like oh no, say it isn’t true..But you are right, LOL Oh my this year has gone by fast! Love your tough muddy picture!!!!
    I have to tell you, so a few weeks back I was working at the library and saw The Whole 30 book come in, and even though it has like a million holds on it, I grabbed it for a 1 week quick exception and didn’t have to wait. I picked it up because I remembered you had had so much success the past few times you’ve done it. I am trying to make some changes in my life. Well I read a lot of it, looked through it. It looks amazing, but I kept going back to the questions it asks at the beginning and I couldn’t for the life of me believe I could stick to it 100%, I know that is horrible. But I realized then it wasn’t for me. But after reading through it, I give even higher props to those who can do it, it’s quite strict, moreso than I thought and I am amazed at the dedication you have had in the past to do this. If you do it again, high five to you! That is incredible!

  2. Now I’m very stressed out. Eight Fridays until Christmas. Yikes! Ignorance WAS bliss. LOL. I’m so amazed and impressed that you’ve done 4 Tough Mudders. It is great to get to know you through the hop!

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