Spartan Kids – By Kayla

Spartan races are designed to be challenging.  You need to be confident, committed and fearless to compete in one.

What better way to help develop these qualities for our kids than to inspire them to have a go, trust in themselves and most of all have fun?

Spartan Kids was created to help get kids off the couch and go back to learning through play.

You can read my race review on Spartan Sprint here.

The following is an interview with my 8-year-old daughter Kayla, who competed in Spartan Kids on September 12th 2015.


Why did you participate?:

I found out about Spartan Kids because my mum was doing Spartan.
I also like running.

What do you have to do?:
We had to run through, over and under obstacles.
There was one obstacle that if you made a mistake you had to go back and try again.

How old do you have to be?:
6-15 but I’m not sure
(Mum here – ages 3-15 as per their website)


What was your favourite obstacle / what was the hardest?:
The dark dark tunnel. It had ghosts and glow sticks.
The hardest was going up and down the rope. I wasn’t very good at it.

Would you do it again and why?:
Yes, because I love to run, it’s my favourite sport.


Anything else you would like to add?:
At the Spartan we had to say ” I am Spartan ” but I was nervous.

I got a medal at the end for participating.


I also got a free T-shirt and headband.

The funniest part was mum was 5-10 seconds behind me at the start (mum here – because I had just finished my race, and was trying to find where it started)

If I had to take a friend with me it would be Ebony, because she is a fast runner like me.

6 thoughts on “Spartan Kids – By Kayla”

    1. It’s just beautiful watching the kids have a go, and be just like their mum and dad.

      This course wasn’t muddy, but there have been some muddy spartan kids course in the past, which so kids love.

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