High Five Friday #12

Wow, what a week (or 2) has it been!

I know I haven’t posted anything since finishing my blog every day in January, but I just needed a break.  I hope you understand.

Five Pictures


.1. The kids are back at school Grade 1 & 3.  Gosh, time is just going so fast!

.2. View of Mount Abrupt from the Piccaninny.

.3. We harvested our potatoes. Miles is showing off some of our pride and joy.

.4. View on the (left to right) Bellfield Peak, The Pinnacle & Ralph’s Peak.  This was at the end of my long trail run.  And yes I did run up there.

.5. My good deed for the day, found a lost dog I found on the way home from the supermarket.  He was so friendly and looked loved.  He had no collar though and was going to be hit by a car if I hadn’t crossed the road at that time.

I took a photo of him and put it up on a Facebook group saying that I found him and that the pound had been contacted.

The owner wasn’t happy that I contacted the pound, and let’s just say the thread then exploded.  She made it out like I did the wrong thing. The thread wouldn’t have gone the way it went if she simply said “thank you for finding my dog”.

Pets are family, you treat them like family.  And I know I would rather a pound fee, than a vet fee or even a dead dog.

She took no responsibility for her dog, as it’s still in the pound, which I find very sad.  I hope he goes to a good home.

Five Links

.1. This one has been on my saved links bookmarks for a while.  The reason I haven’t posted about it yet is that I hadn’t done it and wanted to do it first before posting about it.

So I’ve finally got my ass around to testing this Blogilates – Pumped up cardio warmup.  Needless to say I love it and will do this warmup on the days I do my weightlifting.

.2. Ok this link is to a picture, which I saved back in November! Geez Louise Matilda bit late sharing hey. I’m going to have to try this out one day – Baby Mugging

.3. I’m a parent, so when Kidspot posted this article on 10 things your mum never told you, I could totally relate.

.4. A good friend of mine posted this one, and I think it can apply to anyone.  Have a website you keep phaffing (aka time wasting on), it could be Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.  Doesn’t matter, if you want to block a website for xxx amount of time, this site will warn you when you are visiting a site a lot.

.5. Sick of your running routine.  Here are 18 ways to change it up.

Tomorrow I will be chasing a friend.  Should be interestingly fun.

When was the last time you paid it forward?
Ever had a good deed gone wrong?

2 thoughts on “High Five Friday #12”

  1. Oh my goodness that just sucks about the owner of the dog. You did the right thing. At least the pound would have been able to scan for a microchip. What were you meant to do, keep the dog with you for how long? I wonder what the owner thought the line in the sand would be. Goodness some people.

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