January Running Stats

My running throughout January was very sporadic.  Too much traveling, too many hot days, and just not enough time to get some proper runs in.  I will also add, too many days of “I can’t be bothered”.

In Jan 2013 I had a Tough Mudder to train for, so I was running a fair bit to keep up my half marathon distance.  This year the Tough Mudder falls in March, which I’m in the middle of training for now.

Overall January was a very laid-back month, and I didn’t run as much as I would have liked. As I said before I had too many variables, with traveling, and hot (and I mean hot 35c / 95f) days, which made going for a run difficult.  Oh well it happens, I did get to do other things and enjoy time with my family.

So let’s have a look at my stats for the month of January.

Normally I don’t post Garmin stats like this, but I have to b/c Nike+ is being a doofer, you’ll see why in a min.
Excuse my activity names, they make sense to me, that’s all that matters.

All up 12 runs, which really isn’t very many.  With only 1 long run over 1 hour.  Yeah sad I know.

My total kilometers for the month is a measly 71.12km.

Here are my Nike+ Stats.  The same amount of runs, but the distance is totally wrong.  Obviously, a glitch, cause when you calculate each run manually the distance is still 71.12km.

The graph is more user-friendly and looks neater, that’s why I included it, even if it does say I ran only 42.04km.  I mean that’s pathetic! (for me). Just as well I ran more than that, and this is just a Garmin mistake.

Not really an exciting month, and under my monthly goal.  If I keep up with distances like that, I won’t even make 90km for the year.

Jan – 71.12km
To Go – 928.88km

How is your running coming along?
Do you have a running goal for 2014?
Any upcoming races? If so what distance?

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