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So a few weeks ago while perusing Running Bloggers I came across Kristy’s Website Runaway Bridal Planner.
She asked if other runners would like to be featured in her “In The Spotlight”.  I emailed her, and she sent me her list of questions.
I thought that I would post the questions here as well.

What is your blog?
You can find me over at

If you have twitter, give me your twitter URL (web page):
RunMum on Twitter

If you are on facebook and want people to follow you this way, what is your facebook page URL?
I do have a facebook page but it’s for my photography business, you can find that link in the follow me section in the side bar —>

How long have you been a runner?
I use to run at school (many years ago), but only picked it up again October 2011.
The reason I picked it up was because 1. I thought running was the epitome of being fit. 2. I had a goal of wanting to finish a 5km race. After I did my race, I had fallen in love with running so much that I continued with it.

What distances do you run?
I haven’t run further than 21.1km aka 13.1mi aka the half marathon, but I do enjoy anything up to that distance. I find that the half marathon distance is the perfect distance for me.  It’s just far enough for me not to hate running.  I would say I would definitely be a distance runner, I find 5km too short now.

Why do you run?  Do you run for fun, competition, both?
I run because I enjoy it.  It helps clear my head, it really is a great stress release.  I get loads of idea’s running too. I run for fun, but I do like the competitions of our local club races.

Do you have a favorite race?  Tell us about it?
I have enjoyed all my runs, but I’ve only done a couple of race’s twice.  My favourite would have to be Run the Gap, which is a local run for me.  It’s a fav for 2 reaons. 1. It’s local, and I get to run among the beautiful Mountains of the Grampians. and 2, that’s where I met my husband.

If you could run any race in the world what would it be? And Why?
New York, because well it’s New York. Boston because of it’s history (old and new). Chicago, cause I fell in love with Chicago when I visited there in 2001.
I would also love to run in New Zealand.

Have you ever dressed up, ran in a costume?  If so, tell us what you did.
That being said, I would love to, but a short distance, cause I think the costume would annoy me over a longer distance. I would most likely dress up as a fairy, cause that seems the easiest option.

If you’ve ever won a race or placed in one, tell us about it.
I’ve only won handicapped club races. A 5km, 6.5 and an 8km distance.  The 8km race which was only recent I won only by a few seconds.

Do  you listen to music while you train?  Do you listen to music when you race?  If you do, what are your top 3 must have tunes?
On long distance training runs, I usually listen to audio books. On shorter distances I will listen to music.
Race day, I will listen to music, as there is too much going on for me to concentrate on a story of an audiobook.
I love creating my own playlists, but I also have a ton of rockmyrun mixes which are fanastic too.
I don’t have a top 3 must have tunes, but I do have lots of songs I do love.

If you race and aquire medals, t-shirts, do you do anything fun/interesting with them after?
Race medals get hung up.  I plan on getting a Running Wall hanger, where I can hang my bibs and medals all in one place.
T-shirts, well I wear them with pride of course, but only after the event.  I don’t wear them before or during the event. You have to earn them imo.

Do you participate in any other sports, hobbies?
Recreational cycling.  I also love yoga, I try to do that at least once a week.
I also lift weights 3 times a week.  I have found it has helped with my running.
As for hobbies.  Well I’m really into quilting at the moment.  I’m still a beginner, so I don’t do anything fancy, just square or rectangle blocks

Have you ran races in other countries?  Which ones?

Is there something that is a “must have” that you always take with you running, or eat, do in preparation, etc..?
My Garmin (FR210).  Not that I really look at it when running. And when I do it’s just to check I’m on pace.
My iPod fully charged with my music ready to go.
Nuun hydration for after my run
And a protein snack of some sort – usually a quest bar

When you race/train are you a water or sports drink runner?
Water, I don’t have sports drink until after the race.

What is your favorite advice to give people who say they would like to try running?
Just try it, even if you have to walk, you are up on the person who is still on the couch.

What is the most common question(s) you you get as a runner, and what is your answer(s) to them?
You still running? and my response “sure am did xxx on xxx day”.

What types of things do you like to blog about?  Or what will people expect to see on your blog?  (note:  Give a good answer and be honest, this is your chance to entice and bring on new followers to your blog…)
I like to blog about my general fitness adventures. I like to make my posts real, so people can identify, and hopefully learn something new, or maybe inspire them.

What types of things do you like to read on other blogs, what is the “stuff” that keeps you interested in a blog wanting to come back again and again?
I love hearing about peoples journey’s, their highs and lows.  I find it keeps me in check, cause we are only human.

What is the best way you fit running into your daily life?  (meaning how do you juggle running with life, work, family, ect. ?
I only run when I know my kids will be looked after.  So either on weekends when my husband is home from working away. Or when the kids are at school.
It’s also important to me that I schedule my workouts.  If I don’t put them in my calendar, then they don’t happen. On the days I don’t run, I wake up at 5.45 and do a strength workout. It’s getting harder now that it’s getting colder.

Pick your own question(s), and give an answer.  Let us know some fun facts about you.
Have you had any running injuries? Lucky no, however I am currently suffering blisters, and this totally sucks.  I’m trialling different socks, but I really do think it’s my shoes, I think I’ve lost more weight in my feet, and now there is too much room, and so blisters.  No fun.
Do you foam roll? I usually foam roll after a long distance run, and def after a half.  Gretchen (the name I gave my foam roller), we have a love hate relationship.  I hate how it hurts, but it hurts so good.
Is there anything you would tell other runners? Yoga.  It really is your best friend.  You don’t realise how ‘tight’ you get with running.  I find that yoga not only helps me relax, but also strengthens and challenges me.

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