Asylum: Have me committed

Shaun T’s Beachbody workout Insanity the Asylum has been completed!

The 30-day program took me 10 weeks, instead of the usual 30 days.

I created a hybrid program with my run training because I didn’t want to give up my running days.

Asylum is no joke, it is tough, but I stayed within my skill level and I slowly progressed.

In the lead-up to Christmas, I was feeling fatigued, and I’ll be honest, there were workouts I skipped and some that I didn’t give 100%. I showed up when I could and I still workout on the days I skipped, choosing a yoga workout as a recovery workout instead. I was tired, and I didn’t give the workouts 100% effort.

So tomorrow is technically the last day of my asylum/run hybrid and will be my last run before I do my Tough Mudder on Saturday.  This last run is supposed to be 8km, however, due to it going to be a hot one, and time limitations, I’m doing just a 3km run, and will also go back to the core as well.

Considering Asylum?

  • It is a sports performance workout.  
  • Aslyum is designed for:
    • Athlete’s
    • Military or Special Forces
    • Endurance
  • It’s not for beginners.
  • Asylum is NOT Insanity.  It has elements of insanity, if anything Insanity’s ‘Max Interval Sport’s Training‘, gives you an idea of what to expect from Asylum.
  • Complete Insanity prior to Asylum
  • You don’t need a jump rope.
  • Invest in an agility ladder
  • You will need weights or bands.
  • Know your limits, and STAY WITHIN YOUR SKILL LEVEL.

Asylum will test you on so many different levels, especially the workout called game day.  

Rock climbing bouldering I totally sucked at. As did surfing. However, I stayed within my skill level and did what I could.

Don’t skip Relief.  Sure it’s another 24 minutes, but it will be the best 24 minutes of your day.  Do it after all your workouts if you can.

Keep your eating as clean as possible.
I was a bit slack with my diet, and could have been better with it.  But keep your macro’s at 40/40/30.  Meaning 40% Carbs / 40% Protein / 30% Fat.
If anything concentrates on eating more protein.  Your body will naturally convert any extra protein into carbs if it’s not needed.

Stay committed.  You can do it!
I say this because I know, I did it.

So will I do Asylum again?  Most likely yes, but properly not for another 6 months at least.

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