The Story of the Starfish

I was in my twenties when I first heard the story of the starfish.

I don’t remember when or where I heard it, but it always stuck with me.

This is why I want to tell you this story, and why it’s important to remember, that you only have to make a difference to one person.

The Starfish Story

Photo by Mark Walz on Pexels

Strolling along the beach one day, I could see a kid throwing something into the ocean.  I couldn’t tell what it was.

As I approached them, I noticed that this kid was throwing back starfish.

We had a storm the night before and hundreds of starfish had washed up on the shore.

I asked the kid once I got closer “Why are you doing that?  It’s not like you can save them all?”

The kid picked up another starfish and as they were throwing it back into the sea they said: “Yeah, I know, but it made a difference to that one”.

You may be only one person in the world, but one person can make a difference.  You may only make a difference to one person, but to that one person, they will be forever thankful.

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