Year of You: Think

The year of you is a single word project to help give your life meaning, clarity and motivation.

This week take time to think.

Today is the perfect day to think about all your achievements.

Write a list of everything no matter how big or small you have achieved.

I have so many, here are just some of my achievements.

  • 5km personal best
  • 10km personal best
  • Half Marathon personal best
  • Yearly km PB
  • Monthly km PB
  • Try new recipes
  • Blog/Instagram inspiration series

Also check out my 18 in 2018 check-in here.

How did you get there?

Without a doubt, if I didn’t plan my goals, then I wouldn’t be able to achieve them.

With the right tools, I was able to implement the changes I needed to get to the end goal.

How did you feel?

When you accomplish hard things you feel have a sense of pride.  You realise that hard things are possible, it’s all about pushing yourself outside your limits and surrounding yourself with like-minded people who will help you get to where you need to go.

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