Motivation: 18 for 18 – Still You

When I was 15/16, I had a falling out with a “friend”. Let’s call her Lucy.

Lucy and I lived around the corner from each other.  Really we were friends by proxy.  I realise that now.

Being Lucy’s friend was hard work.  I essentially always felt left out and there were moments where I was the third wheel.

Sure we had some great friend moments.  I remember we made up this dance to this song that I can not even remember the name of. And if you know me, you know how much of a music nerd I am, and how much this is bugging me right now.

That all fell to pieces due to a Freudian slip.  It was that single err in speech where our friendship was flushed down the toilet.

No matter what I did or said ever fixed it.

Being a loyal friend, I stuck it out, because, you know, loyalty. But our friendship was dead. I have no idea what Lucy is doing now.  I hope she is living a full and happy life.

While I can’t change the past, it was inevitable, we were never going to be long-term friends.

Yet, even though that event happened half a lifetime ago, my story has never changed. I’m the same then as I am now, just a little more grown up and wiser.

So while crap things are going to happen in our life, just remember you are still you.

People change, and you aren’t always going to be friends with the kids you grew up with.  And that’s ok,

The people that matter, they are the ones that will make an effort, will love you no matter what.  It’s these friends who will love you for who you are, flaws and all, they are the keepers.

So, just keep being you.

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