Ultimate Running Date #49

Winter has come with a bang, so I hope you have those warm running clothes as we are going to need them on these frosty mornings.

Let’s lace up those shoes and get warm with our ultimate running date.

June saw me have a birthday.

Tom got me the UltrAspire Zygo’s pack.

I had this pack on my list, but I actually didn’t think anyone would get it for me.  It was a dream item.  You know, an item that you put on a wishlist that you hope someone will get you, but you’ll properly end up getting it yourself.

Well, low and behold, when it came in the mail, I was shocked (in a good way).  I love my UltrAspire products.  I already have the quantum belt and the astral pack. Both of which have served me well.

So why a new pack?  Well, I have a crazy goal, and this pack well just enforces that this goal will get done.

I’ll reveal the goal in all good time.

June Running Statistics

Distance – 144 km
Total Hours – 15
Longest Distance 
– 13.5 km
Number of Activities 
– 21

Overall Running Statistics

Total Moving Distance – 1047/km
Monthly Average – 174.5 km
2018 Prediction – 2,094 km

Numbers don’t lie, but I must have some of my records wrong, as I’ve actually run more kilometres than I thought.


Last month I set myself a few challenges.  They were:

  • 35km a week
  • PIIT min 2 x a week
  • Mobility everyday
  • A minimum of 7h30m sleep
  • Not eat crap at work

So how did I go?

  • 35km a week
    • 42/32/18/39
  • PIIT min 2 x a week
    • More like once a week
  • Mobility everyday
    • Still going strong
  • A minimum of 7h30m sleep
    • Getting it at least 6 nights a week
  • Not eat crap at work
    • I’m getting better

How is your running going?

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