Project 52 – Week 20

Twenty weeks in already!

Nearly halfway there.

We planted pumpkins during the summertime, to be ready by autumn.

Now they say you harvest pumpkins when the first frost happens.

Last year we didn’t have a frost, but then again we only got 1 pumpkin.

This year, our pumpkins thrived where we planted them.

We also got a good amount of rain, and they just went ballistic with their growth.

One morning I went for a run and it was cold, seriously freezing.  At 6 am it was 1.4°, by 7 am upon my return it dropped to 0.4°.

Our first frost, that meant we could begin our harvest.

I told the kids that morning that after school they could pick them.

Week 20 – Pumpkin Harvest

There were 3 large pumpkins like this.

I see pumpkin soup, pumpkin scones, and all things pumpkin in our future.

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