Ultimate Running Date #34

March certainly marched away from us. That means it’s time to strap on those shoes and go for our monthly running date.

April brings the end of daylight savings (or the start for those in the Northern Hemisphere), and for me, more early morning runs.

My Return to Running Program has officially ended yay! And so I begin my next phase of running, my Surf Cost Trail (half) Marathon plan, which will then lead to my Peaks & Trails plan.

It’s all happening!

But let’s not get too far ahead of myself.  We’ll talk about April when April has happened (and I’m not talking about the giraffe).

Here’s what’s been happening in March for Lil’ old me.

March Running Statistics

Distance – 78km
Total Hours  10
Longest Distance – 8km
Number of Activities – 19

Distances are slowly getting longer.  I’m not focusing on speed, but more so time on legs.

April will see me introduce speedwork and slightly longer distances.

For those wanting the Overal Running Stats they are as follows;

Total Running Distance 218km
Monthly Average 72.6km
2017 Kilometre Prediction 872km

How was your running in March?
Have you booked in any events?

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