Project 52 – Week 11

My parents decided to come up for the weekend for a visit. As it had been since January since we had seen them.

With working full time, kids going back to school, and general life, it’s hard to go down to visit them regularly.

It was actually nice for them to come to visit us.

As our house is way too small, we decided to travel out to Halls Gap and spend quality time with them there.

My dad isn’t a huge walker anymore, and my mum who is normally very active has a knee injury.

Still, we kept it simple and decided on a leisurely stroll down to Fyans Creek, and the sinkhole.

Week 11 – My Family

The kids enjoyed adventuring with my parents.

Now that the kids are a bit older, I’m allowing them to take photos with the camera. Which they are thoroughly enjoying.

I have memories of ‘posed’ photos as a kid.  We did it all the time, which is why my sister and I ended up hating it.

Which is why I let the kids tell me when they want a photo taken.

It’s the other reason why we pull funny poses or photo-bomb a scene where ever possible.  Which is exactly what Kayla is doing.

It’s these moments that we will remember more.

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