The Ultimate Coffee Date #13

Earlier on in the week, I received an email from Run Down Under giving me the stats for week 30.  I was like what! No that can’t be right.

Alas, it is.  Seriously! We are currently in week 31 of 2015. Seriously.

So we must catch up, so grab a drink & seat and let’s catch up for our Ultimate Coffee Date.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you that I’m so glad Run June is over.

While it was a challenge, it was also quite taxing.  It was also time to concentrate on some quality runs for my trail half marathon that is happening tomorrow.

July brought me 123km.

My longest run was 19.9km taking me 2h28m.

My biggest week of running also happened in July.  The week of 13-19th July saw me clocking over 63.3km.  All of which were running k’s.

That brings my yearly total to 957 (if we are including the bushwalks too).

I shall be smashing out 1000km of running in August for sure.  How many will I get for the rest of the year?

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you I’m in Phase 2 of this Nia Shanks Program.

It’s hard work but I know I’m getting stronger. Let me tell you Skater Squats are no joke. I’m so glad I have the suspension trainer to help me push myself further but to also help give me the correct form.

As I’m halfway through this phase I’m already planning on my next fitness purchase, to get me through the next few stages.


And that my friend is a plyometric box.
I like this one because it has 3 boxes in one.  Just flip it over for a different size box. Win!

This box will become my friend in readiness for 3 obstacle races coming up in September, October & December.

If we were sitting down for coffee I would tell you that I’m trying to get through books that have been on my bookshelf for yonks.

I’m currently reading “Almost French“.  I do not remember if I finished it, but I do remember reading it when I was pregnant with Kayla.  She turns 9 in December.

Yeah, It’s time I read it (again?), and decide if it’s a keeper or a tosser.  Right now it seems like a tosser, but it does make me want to go to France.

So if we were sitting down having coffee what would you tell me?

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  1. good luck for your race tomorrow! (I’ve read that far and wanted to say that! will read the rest now! lol)

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