High Five Friday #15

High Five Friday is here Peeps!

Things have been crazy busy here, which is why I haven’t been all that active.  Apologies to my regular readers.  Apologies also to the blogs out there that I follow and (try to regularly) comment on.

I have been working 30 hours lately.  Which when you are also a parent, and have lots of other commitments, some things just get bumped down the list of priorities.

I’m going to talk about finding a work/life balance another time.

Five Pictures

.1. Daylight savings has ended (sadface), which means now when I do opening shifts at work I’m walking in the dark. On this particular day, morning twilight was just starting to happen, but there was this mystical fog. Which I’m surprised my phone was able to capture.

.2. While taking one of the school storerooms taking inventory for an up coming event, I came across this old phone.  No idea if it still works.

.3. Ran my longest run the other day.  You can read more about it here.  A half marathon for a training run.  Gez how do your marathoners do it?!

.4. I was doing dishes the other day, and I look out the window to see Miles up on the shed roof.  Apparently the wind blew him up there.

.5. I went to crawl into bed the other night when I discovered a love note from Tom. Yep Doona Stealer.

Five Things

.1. Every week I get an email from Rebel Sport with their current specials.  I like to look to see what they had.  That’s when I came across this.  Who seriously would buy this? A cape? Really? Er yeah not me.

.2. Buzz feed recently released a list of the 25 Crazy Fun Marathons that are worth training for. The Great Ocean Road Marathon made the list, so I think it’s time to cross this particular event off the Running Bucket list. I will be doing the half in 2016.

.3. I have not done a handstand in FOREVER.  I feel like I will need to start again from the beginning.  I discovered this article on Do Yoga by pure accident.  As I know some of my readers also have a handstand as a goal, I thought I would share.  Going to start incorporating some of these poses into my workout for sure.

.4. Can I say I miss reading.  There I said it.  I miss reading.  I recently finished a collection of short stories called “The Glassheart Chronicles“.  I was actually really surprised, I enjoyed all but 1 story (about the fae, just couldn’t get into it). Did discover some more authors, so that’s a plus.

.5. On my long run last week, I was listening to Glee music.  Towards to end of the run, the glee version of this song came on, and motivated me to push on.

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