SAAC Race Recap: Dooen Engineering

This race review is late.
The Sealed Dooen Engineering handicap happened on 28th March 2015.
However, due to working full time over the Easter break, I was unable to get a review in earlier.  

The SAAC race season has officially kicked off with the Dooen Engineering Sealed Handicap.

It was a 5km course set out in the currently very dry Ironbarks.

First up were the sub-juniors.  As Miles was still recovering from his operation, only Kayla came out with me to run.  There were only 3 subbies so she was bound to get a place.


After handicaps were applied, it ended up being that Kayla came in 1st!

A cracking time too! A runner just like her mum.

And yes she wore her medal all day.


As for me, well no personal bests, but I ran solid, and I was happy with how I ran on the day. Not as fast as in 2014 but that’s ok.
With a downhill start, I knew that the first few k’s were going too fast.  No negative split, but you can tell by my split times where the hills were.

So where did I end up placing on handicap? A modest 2nd.  I wasn’t expecting that.

Will I win a race in the next few weeks, well we’ll have to see?

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