Mud Attire

What to wear

One thing I found a lack of in my research was what to wear on event day.

Sure I asked people their opinion, but take advice from someone that has actually done an event.

What to Wear

You need to keep in mind that you are going to get covered in mud.  Wear something that you don’t care if it gets ruined.

Athletic materials like dri-fit, are best, as they are moisture-wicking and won’t hold on to water like cotton does.

You will get wet, and just when you think you are dry, along comes another water obstacle.

Use old gym gear or purchase items from the op-shop or good old Kmart.

Opt for 3/4 or full-length leggings, your knees will thank you.

Choose leggings that have a pocket where you can put a gel packet in. Why leggings don’t have pockets is beyond me.

Choose shorts or leggings that are well fitted. Yes, I did see one guy on course lose his shorts because they were weighed down with mud.

Apply sunscreen prior to starting. While the mud will act as a barrier, you can and will get sunburn or windburn, maybe even both.

The same applies to lip Balm.  My lips got sunburnt and I’m still paying for it.

Your choice of the top is up to you. I wore a t-shirt and then opted for UV sleeves. The sleeves I found protected my arms from cuts and abrasions. I bought my sleeves from eBay last year.  I just got the ones from China, I think they set me back approx $20 at the time, but I don’t remember.  They not only kept me cool, but warm, and protected my arms from splinters, cuts & abrasions.

Old runners.  Then donate them at the end of the race.

Same with Socks. Ones that you will never see again.

What not to Wear

Hat.  It will get in your way, and you will most likely lose it.

Hydration pack.  There will be water stations. That and it will just weight you down.  Also, the straw section will get dirty and muddy, and who wants to be drinking the mud.

A costume.  Sure if fun, but you will just get weighed down.

So that’s what I learned from my tough mudder event, and I hope it helps you when you do yours. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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