53 Tuesdays #41

For the last year, I have worked Tuesday to Saturday.  The start of my working week was my trigger to take my Tuesday photo.

However, I’m now back to working Sunday to Thursday.  So my trigger of taking a photo at the start of my working week is now no longer there.

Which is HOW I missed this week’s image.  I realised by Thursday, and by then, it was way too late. Not even an image on my phone could save me, as alas I didn’t take any images on that day.

So instead I’m showing you a photo I took on the weekend 3 days prior.  It will have to do.

Not so Tuesday #41

Location: Heatherlie Quarry, Grampians National Park
Lens: 40mm
F/stop: 10.0
Speed: 1/400
ISO: 800

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