My Kids

As a mum with a fitness blog, my kids get featured every once in a while.

So let me introduce you to my two wonderful kids.

This is Kayla

Age: 11
Likes: Tap, Taylor Swift, Reading, Cats, riding her bike
Dislikes: Olives
Allergic to: Peanuts (epi-pen required)

She has beautiful sun-kissed hair, and she loves it done up in Dutch braids.

You will usually find her in a dress, and she is very much a girly girl, but also with a touch of surfer chick.

This is Miles

Age: 9
Likes: Lego, Minecraft, riding his bike
Dislikes: Doing his chores
Allergic to: Rye Grass, Cats, Dust & Mould.  Suffers from asthma & eczema.

Miles loves his iPad the computer and tv. If I don’t allocate a time limit then he would seriously be on them all day.

He says he hates going out on ‘adventures’, but once we are out there doing stuff and about he loves it and usually doesn’t want to leave.

These are my kids

Sure they love to annoy me, but they are bright, funny, caring and I love them.

One of the reasons I keep an active and healthy lifestyle is for them.

With their allergies, it’s important to me to keep them immune system in check.  Especially Miles.  Poor kid when he has crap food his skin really shows it.

I lead a healthy lifestyle for these two. I mean who wouldn’t do anything for their kids.


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