Corned Pork Potato Hash

You may be thinking “Wait didn’t she just do a hash recipe?”. Yes you are quite right, I did recently post a hash recipe, but I’m so into hashes.  The eating kind not the tweeting kind. Don’t get me wrong I do tweet, but I don’t talk “#Hash” like Justin and Jimmy in this video.

Once you have finished you little giggle sesh, get into the kitchen and make this Hash.

This recipe comes once again from Paleo Parents, and you can view that post here.

Miles helped me out with this recipe.
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He enjoys helping me out when he can in the kitchen aka when I’ve told him he can’t watch tv anymore and is bored.

Cut up the potato really fine, otherwise it will take a lot longer too cook.  Alternative cook it in a skillet and finish it in the oven for approx 20mins at 200c / 400f. It will take approximately 40 mins too cook.  If you half the recipe for a side dish, it will cook in about 30mins. If you want it crunch brown cook it longer.

This is Hash is a fantastic side dish, or an awesome Sunday brunch dish.  I loved the saltiness of the Bacon.  Add the herbs, so worth it.

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