Cauliflower, Leek, Mushroom Casserole

The more you do something that you don’t really like, the more you enjoy it.  Oh dear what am I talking about I hate folding washing, and putting it away, the more I do it, the more I hate it.  Let me start over.

I never use to be adventurous in the kitchen. Actually I will never been adventurous in the kitchen.  I will never be the next masterchef, or top chef, or even my kitchen rules.  I like to keep things basic. Plain and simple, but with taste.
I love looking through recipe books, but 99.9% of the time, I look at the recipe and I will be like “yeah I will never make this”, or “what is xx, and where do I get it?” Or how about “my kids will never eat this”, and that one is a big clincher.

One thing I have learnt when it comes to cooking is to just give it a go. Sure things are going to fail.  Other times you are going to have a winner.

Take this recipe for example.

Carrie Brown
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I cooked this recipe for my inlaw’s.
My father inlaw is a pescetarian, so I knew this one would be a winner for him.  When I try out a recipe for the first time (ones that I don’t know if the kids will like), I will test it out on myself first.  Not so the case, with this recipe. Yes I cooked this recipe, having never made it before and serving it to my inlaw’s… oh dear this could have been a total utter disaster.  Thank goodness it was not.

The meal was a hit! Thanks to good ol’ Carrie that is.

This dish was seriously moreish.  Yes you can have it as a meal on it’s own, but I felt that it would serve better as a side. So a few weeks later, I made the recipe again.

This time around, I kinda combined two of Carries recipes. The Cauli recipe with a Leek & Bacon Bake. It still totally rocked my socks.
cauli & chickenAnd the best part, when I tweeted it and tagged Carrie, she loved me back!

How awesome is that! (It was a nice unexpected birthday present).

recipe love

QOTD –  So what’s the last new recipe you tired out? Was it a success or a failure?

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