Project 52 – Week 1

At the end of every year I create a photo book of our years adventures.

One thing I noticed was the lack of photo’s once I started full time work in October.

The first photography project I ever set for myself was back in 2010, where I did Project 365.  Taking a photo every day of the year.

Now let me tell you that is a lot of hard work. It means you have to carry your camera EVERYWHERE.  It does make you think outside the box.

In 2011, instead of tackling another Project 365 I chose to do a Project 52; a photo a week for every week of the year.

While I don’t have the time to do a Project 365, I will make the time for Project 52.

My photography theme will be based around my focus key word for the year; Family

Week 1: Birthday

03jan2017_0857Today my favourite son Miles turns 8.


  • Lego
  • Building
  • Playing with his friends
  • Reading
  • Doing things with my family
  • Riding my bike


  • Enemies
  • People being rude
  • People annoying me


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